Learders of the emerging African Movement, GOKH-BI SYSTEM (pronounced GO-BEE) of Dakar, Senegal fuses together “Ancient” African traditional rhythms with contemporary “Urban” American beats in a style which they’ve dubbed, Ancient Meets Urban.


“Gokh-Bi System sets positive thinking rap (in English as well as Senegalese languages) to handmade music, percussion, singing and riffs plucked on the ekonting, a Senegalese lute. Hip-Hop takes a joyful, respectful place alongside traditionalism.”
- The New York Times.

“The four Senegalese principles sing and rap well. (They are also terrific on stage with dance moves and up-full energy to spare.) And the band they’ve assembled in America cooks along nicely, without getting in the way of the 21st-century griots’ roots agenda.” – Afropop Worldwide.

“Voice of the Jeli” is soothing yet upbeat, using the gentle rhythmic melodies of the ekonting to give Gokh-Bi System their distinctive sound. With plenty of infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics, the album quickly had her reaching for the repeat button.
Round The World.

“There are groups like GBS which remind us that the culture of hip-hop was not born in a synthesizer, but which indeed comes from African traditions.”
- Epoch Times International.

“I want to hear something organic, rootsy and from the earth. I want vivid mental images. I want a break from processed beats and American twangs. I want a break from it all. And Gokh-bi System are the perfect remedy for all of that. They are perhaps the only band out there "keepin it real."- Ukhh.com

“Gokh-Bi System delivers rump-shaking beats, the magnitude of which borders on genius.” – Seattle Post Intelligencer.

“A true moment of cross-cultural bliss. - Soundroots (Bumbershoot 2006 Festival)

“…music stylings combine traditional sounds with contemporary Western grooves.”
- National Geographic Live

“They’ve come up from there to insist that we join them in embracing the world.”
Harp Magazine (Bumbershoot 2006 Festival)

“As vibrant and colorful as the tie-dyed tunics the entire band sported.”
- Boston Live Magazine

“An exhilarating performance you won’t want to miss.”
- Festival International de Louisiane

“GBS’s soulful griot style seamlessly blends rap with a message that is simultaneously pensive and positive.” - Link TV

Name of Track : Mama Africa

By: Gokh-Bi System

Name of Track : Musica Del mundo

By: Gokh-Bi System