Learders of the emerging African Movement, GOKH-BI SYSTEM (pronounced GO-BEE) of Dakar, Senegal fuses together “Ancient” African traditional rhythms with contemporary “Urban” American beats in a style which they’ve dubbed, Ancient Meets Urban.


Delivers African Hip Hop’s Message of Community, Respect and Positive Thinking


Hip Hop is a language kids understand. African Hip Hop Ambassadors,Gokh-Bi System (GBS) which translates “neighborhood system” deliver a socially responsible hip hop message including topics ranging from community, family, respect, positive thinking, personal responsibility, social justice and peace.


GBS’s interactive musical program includes hands-on workshops in percussion, dance and an early form of rap known as tassu which is a musical method of c¬ommunication used by Jeli (storytellers) to “spread news” amongst villagers, as well as, a participatory performance where students get to drum, dance and rap along with the band.



Discussion elements include Hip Hop's African roots and African Hip Hop today including a comparison between GBS’s positive lyrical message to the messages found in today’s popular Hip Hop culture.


GBS’s music combines the ancient tradition of the Jeli with a politically aware version of rap and hip hop. They blend this musical style with the ekonting (three-stringed banjo-like instrument), traditional drumming and spectacular dance. The musicians represent three different ethnic groups — Jola, Serer, and the Wolof peoples and sing in a number of different languages including English, French and Wolof.



Available programs include workshops, assemblies and concerts for families and communities. A touring concert ensemble from Pikine Guinaw Rails (“the other side of the tracks”) of Dakar, the capital of Senegal in West Africa is the foundation of these unique programs.